• Teddy Makwa

    Teddy Makwa

    Single gr-grandfather of 2,grandfather of 9,father of 4,keeper of 0 dog other 2 were SHOT by neighbor.Had 2 cats(both deceased now) and all wildlife near my hom

  • John Band

    John Band

    Doing things, around the place. I speak for me alone.

  • Abraham J. Bonowitz

    Abraham J. Bonowitz

  • Armchair_Guerrilla


    Public defender in Brooklyn.

  • scottgale


    Multi-faceted person bridging roles between business, quality design, and scalable systems. Lead a large team in deploying solutions for over 15,000 sites.

  • Kenneth Crutcher

    Kenneth Crutcher

    Dad, Husband, Professor, Artist, Architect

  • Gene Demby

    Gene Demby

    reader. writer. runner. ranter. Correspondent, @NPRCodeswitch. Founder, @PostBourgie. South Philly thru my arteries.

  • Nancy Friedman

    Nancy Friedman

    Name and tagline developer. @VisualThesaurus and @StrongLang contributor. @DolphinClubSF swimmer and kayaker. Naming advice: http://clarity.fm/nancy

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