In the aftermath of the alarm-raising dud that were the Mueller congressional hearings, some observations are in order. We need to see clearly where the nation stands.

The first misfortune in post-election resistance to Trump was a GOP congress during the first two years. Unlike Watergate, the developing, synergistic drama…

Steve Bannon was recently disinvited from the New Yorker Festival. What should we make of that?

The concept of free speech has emerged as a surprising ideological battle ground in 21st-century liberal democracies. Extremist left and right parties like Marxists and fascists have always stood outside the free speech framework, but now, emergent political tendencies within liberal democracy challenge it as well.

Left-identitarian and Antifa-identified activists…

The Necessary, Honorable Thing: Denounce Trump

Il Duce (The Leader)

Only a few true moments of conscience present themselves in a lifetime. For relatively safe and comfortable Americans of the post-World War II era — a place and period of human history unparalleled in its general security and complacency — those moments are even…

A. Jay Adler

Professor of English, writer, roper of stars

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